Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cool thing.

I (tried) to post a link to Modest Needs, over there to the the right.
I commented to someone that I've always wanted to start a sort of microlending organization like this; there were numerous times in my life when a gift of small amounts of money would have drastically impacted decisions I made. Or at least made me feel as if I had room to make choices. And that's important for a lot of women, I think, to feel like you can take a breath and choose things that position you to be in a better place down the road.

Anyway, I think it's a bold idea to help people out, just a little bit, people who aren't in enough "need" to qualify for other aid, and who might not want to wrestle with the system or relatives or lenders to just pay a damn light bill THIS ONE TIME.
And I'm thrilled to see that although I was too lazy to make my idea a reality, someone else wasn't. And there it is, over there on the right, in case you're remembering when someone helped you, or a gift was given, no strings attached, that opened up a tight space for you and made you grateful.