Friday, November 09, 2007

Missed day.

Well, I missed a day of NaBloPoMo. My excuse involves all of the following EXCEPT:

- illness
- foul, uncontrollable, sudden onset diarrhea
- a public setting
- control top pantyhose
- single ply tissue
- a guardian angel with warm, soapy cloths, clean underwear and pants, disinfectant, and a gurney. And Immodium AD.

Can you guess correctly?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hear, HEAR.

He should be elected President...of Canada.

I wonder if there is a similar rise amongst American gay men. I worry about the status of that group, as I don't observe near the amount of activism we had back in the eighties and early nineties. It feels that, as a culture, we believe gay rights were secured with the premiere of Will and Grace.

And yes, on a day like today, a link and a comment counts as a post. Nyah.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Here's the list of blogs I visit daily. DAILY, people. Given the schedule I keep, you and your commenters are virtually my only source of news/entertainment/community. Bless you all, and thank you for what small shreds are left of my sanity:

Hillbilly, Please
Linguini On The Ceiling
Damn Hell Ass Kings....specifically:
50 Books (congrats DG! We love you! Doppelganger is the source of the name "White Trasherati", too.)
Dancing Brave
Go Fug Yourself
Gwen World
Pop Culture Junk Mail
The Redhead Papers
Tomato Nation (Sars rocks.)
Ultra Tart
Uncle Bob
Diary of the Food Whore
Mighty Girl
Mad Organica
So That Happened
Bored Housewives Network (DG, I've never posted - it would be awkward now, don't you think? See previous entry on LAZY BLOGGER : )
The Comics Curmudgeon
Bumblebee Sweet Potato
Pop Stand
Miscellaneous Etc.
Anything Said
Life In Mayberry
Barista Brat
The Underwear Drawer
Deep Green Seas
Overheard In The Office
Tracy's Pointe (formerly Traces of Me...)
Moose In The Kitchen
Fucking Retarded
At The Top of Squirrel Spur
Lady Jan's Homepage

That's THIRTY-NINE specific blogs. Every day. And you thought your writing didn't matter to anyone. Y'all rock my world. Thank you.

Monday, November 05, 2007

A joke. Ahem.

An ongoing, incredibly popular joke in our family goes as follows:

First person points to chest area of other person: "Hey, you've got some updawg on your shirt."

Person with offending shirt (But it's all a ruse! There's nothing there! Ha! Therein lies the joke! But I stomp on the punchline....): "What's updawg?"

First person: "Nothing, what's up with you?"

(Guffaws ensue....)

I? Live in a house of males. All of whom are under 10, including the Poaikots, who is an 8-year old trapped in a 43-year old body.

Tonight featured that joke, a rousing game of Cranium Whooknu? (big fun, by the way), and carefully staged farts.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Aspiration and blog stop #3.

When I grow up, I want to be Sisiggy (

Her new blog "addendum", Domestic Derring-Do, makes me particularly wish to be her. She's like Martha, only down-to-earth, smart, witty, and not annoying. I particularly admire her ability to address serious topics without taking herself too seriously.

Also, I've had the pleasure of basking in her presence, for real. We held BlogCon East and she invited me to her home even after I got her drunk on limoncello and shared the knowledge of how to craft a tampon out of a maxi pad, should one ever find herself in a situation requiring that McGyver-esque talent. I'm just sayin'....

She does everything effortlessly, or at least thoughtfully, and that's a rare quality.

AND. She'll drink wine, cook, and listen to Dean Martin with me. I think she's perfect.

P.S. Aaaand....puppies. Salt is my homie.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lazy ass addict

I just got settled into bed, fighting a cold and exhausted after a day of kid-related activities, and realized with a start that I HADN'T POSTED TODAY. Good lord. So I have rolled my lazy butt out of said bed to do the laziest post ever. I'm a lazy blog addict, so tonight I'll shout out to

I stumbled on them early on and they are now stop #2 in the mornings; some of their contributors will get their own post later in NaBloPoMo. But for now I'm too lazy to give individual shout outs - this entry is the equivalent of the addict who surveys the kitchen cabinets and thinks, "Don't feel like going to the store...hmmm....I'll bet that decade-old creme de menthe would be good with Sprite..."

Goodnight, y'all...hiccup.

Friday, November 02, 2007

My habit.

We'll start with the one who is to blame, er, who got me started. And it wasn't through cajoling me to begin blogging, or an unintended result of the endless debate of where the comma should go in "Hillbilly, Please", if it should have a comma at all.

I have Jag to thank for the blog monkey on my back. Way back in the day, as the kids say, when we dwelled in cubicles together, she turned me on to
Now this was in the prehistoric era, the dawn of the interweb. From there I moved on to (now defunct), and became a casual, recreational reader of blogs.

Then the blog epidemic swept the world and suddenly they were cheap, plentiful, and thrilling to read. But I didn't get hooked, man, I mean, I only read them during my lunch hour, or if someone sent me a link.

Then Jag started dealing. Next thing I know, Hillbilly, Please (see link in sidebar because I'm too lazy to embed it here...) is my first stop in the morning. I don't even check my email first.
Can you blame me? The woman is damn smart. I know her as a dear friend/suspected cousin so can vouch for the brilliance you read in her prolific posts. I hit her site multiple times a day, hoping for an update, a new photo, anything to keep me going until the next post.

And I ain't goin' to rehab, no, no, no.

Her blog literally changed my life (and I don't think she knows this story). Via the comments to her posts I came to "know" a number of other smart, funny, articulate bloggers. Via their blogs and comments posted by others, I discovered hundreds of different opinions, voices, and perspectives across the world. This exposure eventually guided my studies and shaped my thesis research on how blogs extend Entman's theory of framing in mass communication (yawn, I know - but comm geeks like me salivate over crap like this...)

I'm quite the extrovert anyway - people fascinate me and I love nothing better than hearing their stories and perspectives. Blogs are my crack, and Jag is my dealer on speed dial. If you are reading this, you undoubtedly arrived here via Jagosaurus. Here's to keeping her on the streets, wheeling and dealing, and educating us all in her brilliant, funny way.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Who I Visit

While I'm the worst (seriously, the WORST) about staying in touch with people I like, I am the most loyal reader of bloggers there is.

Tomorrow you'll thrill (!) at the list of folks I visit daily, with short comments about why I'm compelled to read them.

So that's my first, very condensed, version of a NaBloPoMo post....just to get warmed up.