Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Current mood: Luddite

Apparently I have built a house in the furthest reaches of the universe. Though building it was not fraught with problems or delays (sorry, Sisiggy), getting technology over the river and through the woods is proving very difficult. Very difficult, indeed.

Vexing. Fucking problematic, even.

Oh, and on a not-bitchy note: Congrats to Heir 1, Sisiggy! Freakin' Blogger/Google-whatever-is-controlling-my-blog-access-now won't allow me to comment anywhere. AT ALL. I have lost my voice in the comment universe,which does not sit well because the Trasherati is chatty, y'all.

I'm going to go make fire and send up some smoke signals.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh. MY.

Putting to rest the idea that all nouvelle cuisine originates in California or New York - bite this, Opposite Coasts.

My favorite part: “It’s a candy pickle.” And “I like it the same as dipping hot Cheetos in ice cream (emphasis added - because, oh my god, how can you not emphasize that?).” And “Have you ever tried one with a watermelon Blow Pop?” followed by a pantomime of how the Blow Pop stick can be inserted so that the candy appears as a knob at one end of the pickle, allowing the eater to alternate between bites of sour-sweet pickle and licks of sweet-sour Blow Pop."

Aaaand....it comes from the place of my people, the great state of Mississippi. Don't be a hater.

I *heart* Spinal Tap

Who needs Justin Timberlake when these guys are back? *Sigh*

(Props to Karen for the heads up!)