Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yeah, it's RELAXING.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a manicure/pedicure combo is supposed to be a luxurious treat, right?

If so, someone needs to tell the guy at Glamour Nails who cracked my toes and filed the skin off my fingers last night.

Seriously, y'all - dude hurt me. It was like Dr. Hannibel Lecter with a cosmetology license. And the nails don't even look that great, but that's partly my fault for choosing this ugly coppery-would-look-good-in-October nail polish. I couldn't ask him to change it because I was afraid he would develop a craving for Trasherati fingers with a glass of Chianti.

I swear, I will NEVER LEARN THIS GIRLIE CRAP. Is there a class I missed in kindergarten or something?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Frasier, frankly.

"When asked about fellow actor Gary Busey’s bout with coke, (Kelsey) Grammer defended Busey’s reported decision to snort off a dog. “Well, you snort cocaine off a dog because you spilled it on him,” Grammer explained. “You don’t do it intentionally.”

'Cause cutting the lines would be a bitch.

Instead of just setting $1800 on fire....

"He's normally around me all the time," Steele said. "After I put the crowns on, he didn't 'speak' to me for two days."

I wonder why.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I? Am an ass.

An update: the friend that I was hesitant to contact? Contacted her. She was tickled to hear from me.

So not only am I an unreliable friend, apparently I'm also paranoid and jump to conclusions and create my own DRAMA, which is the worst kind.

In other news, despite these traits, I've been invited to attend some festivities associated with Jagosaurus and the Almighty Ogre and his family. Can. Not. Wait.
Though it's not yet clear if I'm expected to provide Scandalous Behavior or Steadying Influence. I can do both, you know. You just have to place your order early.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Discuss amongst yourselves....

I provide you, my in-the-computer friends, a chance to dispense a good solid kick in the butt, and some insight into my id: how do you respond to the following?

I am notoriously awful about keeping in touch with people. I don't just mean random acquaintances - we're talking about people I love, those who's company I enjoy, people who add a great deal to my life. You few who read this blog and know me well are guffawing at the understatement that is "notoriously awful about keeping in touch". I suck at it. And this is from someone who is described as a good communicator and majored in said activity, even receiving an advanced degree in the discipline. To wit: I never send birthday/holiday/congratulations cards; I don't write letters; I don't return calls with any consistency; I don't return emails, like, ever. (I do read blogs, which probably does not count.) Best friend of 25 years? Still can't tell you her birthdate. See? Suckage.

While I have struggled with this all my life, I still have not reconciled my desire to improve with different actions. And I'm not offering any excuses why I'm so rude and thoughtless. What I'm struggling with now is how to go about improving on past behaviors: I last spoke to a friend a few months ago. She understands to a certain extent that I'm "busy", and to a lesser extent about the aforementioned suckage. I'm assuming that she's hasn't contacted me because A)she's given up on me, or B) is waiting for me to contact her, while half hoping that I won't because her patience with my inconsistent communication is exhausted.

I feel like if I get in touch with her that it would require a certain amount of me apologizing/promising to do better. And something in the most immature part of my personality resents that. I know. I know. I should do better, I KNOW ALREADY but that doesn't make it easier for the irresponsible two-year old in me to face the fact that I might have to just DEAL with the fact that I've consistently DISAPPOINTED SOMEONE. I always expect the same amount of insane tolerance I exhibit towards others and that's not at all realistic. You could not call me for years and I'd pick up the phone like no time had passed. But I'm NOT NORMAL. Normal people make a regularly scheduled effort, right?

So. There's one of the warts. Do you know anyone like me? How do you deal with that person? What would "improvement" look like to you?