Friday, January 09, 2009

Too much to tweet

What am I doing? I'm trying to work. From home. A few days a week this is what I try to do.

Today featured:
- construction noise directly below me as they build out a space for my Mom.
- my Mom calling my name nonstop, as she has a different nursing aide here today than she is used to. Plus my Mom calls my name nonstop anyway.
- this dialogue currently emanating from the bathroom behind me, as the aide helps my Mom to shower....

"It's too cold."
"It's too hot!"
"It's too cold again."
"Now it's too hot."

Multiply that by holy-shit-how-long-can-this-go-on and you have it.

- me bracing myself for Mom to later bitch about how she didn't like this aide.

Now they sound like a grumpy Laurel and Hardy trying to wash her hair.