Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"You people..."

I have a friend who is both brilliant and funny, and who is seemingly running the Obama campaign in northern Virginia singlehandedly. She and her husband are deeply invested in this election, and she does an admirable job of promoting debate and thought rather than divisiveness and rage.
She shared a story with me yesterday that I loved: while at a local chain grocery store, sporting her "Obama" button, the male cashier said, "I would have thought you Democrat ladies would be behind Palin."

Her response, without missing a beat: "Why? Because we're gynecologically similar?"

He then proceeded to make comments along the lines of "You liberals don't want any war, ever, anywhere." (Now bear in mind this guy is at work, saying these things to a customer.) She asked if he had, in fact, canvassed all liberals to come to this learned conclusion.

I think she lost him at "learned".